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Mix rates: $100-200/song. Studiotime/recording: $30/hr. Contact: info@tendjiz.com


Mixing and Mastering

What do Mixing and Mastering mean? Mixing is the process by which multiple recorded sounds are combined into one or more channels, most commonly 2-channel stereo. It is the stage where we make sure each individual instrument sounds its best & is at the right level in relation to the other instruments.

Once the mix is done, it is time to master the record. This is were we make sure that the record has the right amount of bass & treble, as well as making sure it is as loud as possible.

For Online Mixing and Mastering Services or for booking studiotime (location: Miami Beach, zip 33141) contact me at info@tendjiz.com

The Executive Suite

The Executive Suite (Rapper Big Pooh, Raven Sorvino and more). Mix/Mastering by TenDJiz

The compilation project “The Executive Suite” is presented by Andreas Hale (the former editor of BET) on TheWellVersed.com in conjunction with DJBooth.net, KevinNottingham.com, and features the lyricism of Rapper Big Pooh, Chaundon, Donny Goines, Raven Sorvino, Senor Kaos, 4-Ize, Hawdwerk, and Punchline and more.

The songs “Don't Say Goodbye” by Rapper Big Pooh feat. Donny Goines & Raven Sorvino; “All Out” by Chaundon (Hall of Justus) feat. Senor Kaos and Skinny-C; "Take a Walk" by Dave East; "Amazement" by E-Jones feat. Rapsody, were mixed and mastered by TenDJiz at TenDJiz Miami Studio. The whole album was mastered by TenDJiz at TenDJiz Miami Studio


DEMOS Documentary (Skyzoo, Talib Kweli, Mac Miller and more). Audio mastering by TenDJiz

DEMOS is a documentary that was created to educate and inspire the emerging hip-hop independent artist to accelerate their career. Featuring interviews with Talib Kweli, Naughty By Nature, Pete Rock, Mac Miller, DEMOS will soon serve as the standard by which all How-To-Guide films should be measured. The documentary was released in September, 2013.


2010GIZ - New Miami Mixtape (J.Nics, QuESt, Phresh James and more). Rec/Mix/Mastering by TenDJiz

TenDJiz “2010GIZ” (New Miami Mixtape) is a 20-track album recorded and mixed by TenDJiz during 2010-11. The project features the songs of J.Nics, Phresh James, Vurn, Quest, and more.

The song "Miami" by YNG feat. Quest (prod. by TenDJiz) off the mixtape was presented by the tastemakers 2dopeboyz.com. 2010GIZ - New Miami Mixtape was featured on kevinnottingham.com, iblog126.com, myboomboxx.com, just to name a few.

YNG ft. Quest "Miami" (Prod & Mixed by TenDJiz)

Ron Slyda – Blue Summer

Ron Slyda – Blue Summer [Album]. Rec/Mix/Mastering by TenDJiz

A Poet by definition is some one who writes with beauty and grace and Ron Slyda effortlessly spins tales of violence, promiscuity, intoxification, depression, lost, and love into poetic medlodic rap verses with lyrics that enetertain as well as intrigue. The Album “Blue Summer: RECOLLECTIONS OF A POETIC DRUNK” was recorded, mixed and mastered by TenDJiz at TenDJiz Miami Studio.

Vurn - Elevation

Vurn – Elevation [Album]. Rec/Mix/Mastering by TenDJiz

Miami native Vurn drops his official new mixtape “Elevation”.

Mixtape “Elevation” was mixed/mastered by TenDJiz at TenDJiz Miami Studio. Tracks: 1,2,4,6,8,10,13 were recorded by TenDJiz at TenDJiz Miami Studio. Kevinnottingham.com named “Elevation” one of The Best 20 Free Albums of The First Half of 2011

Vurn "More More More" (Mixed by TenDJiz)

YNG - NoSleepTillBoogie

YNG – No Sleep Till Boogie [Mixtape]. Rec/Mix/Mastering by TenDJiz

IMFmag.com (ImFlashy) x NoSleepTillBoogie.com presents the anticipated YNG’s NoSleepTillBoogie 15 track mixtape which features J.NiCS, QuESt, Phresh James, Shawn Chrystopher and more. IMFmag.com is the part of The H360 Digital Network created by Harris Publications, publishers of XXL, RIDES, ANTENNA, and SLAM magazines.

Mixtape “NoSleepTillBoogie” was recorded/mixed/mastered by TenDJiz at TenDJiz Miami Studio.

YNG "Where I'm Coming From" ft. Phresh James (Mixed by TenDJiz)

Jae Stackz

Jae Stackz – No Days Off [Mixtape]. Heartache [Mixtape]. Rec/Mix/Mastering by TenDJiz

Jae Stakz been into music since rapping in the lunch rooms in school. His style is Up North but Jae Stakz is a very versatile hip-hop recording artist with his flow ranging from Up North music, South music, R&B and Pop as well. Mixtapes “No Days Off” and “Heartache” were recorded and mixed by TenDJiz at TenDJiz Miami Studio..

Stide Prince

Stide Prince – Journey To 100,000 Fans [Mixtape]. Rec/Mix/Mastering by TenDJiz

Henry Junior Aristide better known by his stage name Stide Prince, is a 22 year old Hip Hop artist from Miami Fl. With a focus and determination to first be the best he can be of himself and second become one of the greatest to ever do it. Stide Prince recently dropped his new mixtape called “Journey To 100,000 Fans”. The album was recorded and mixed by TenDJiz at TenDJiz Miami Studio.

Stide Prince "I Just Love Ya" (Mixed by TenDJiz)


Shanetane – My Life and Women [Mixtape]. Rec/Mix/Mastering by TenDJiz

Known for his smooth style, soulful beats and songs about girls, Shanetane is now a part of “The New Miami Movement”. "My Life and Women" Mixtape was recorded and mixed by TenDJiz at TenDJiz Miami Studio.

Shanetane "Feel Good" (Mixed by TenDJiz)

Jon Gault

Jon Gault – Open Mic [EP]. Rec/mix/mastered by TenDJiz

The duo Jon Gault includes Rapper (TylerRay) and Beatmaker (J.Atlas). Sunny South Florida is where these humble music makers call home. Open Mic (EP) is the genesis for Jon Gault. The EP is filled with thought provoking lines carried by super soulful beats. "The Open Mic (EP)" was recorded and mixed by TenDJiz at TenDJiz Miami Studio.


Rabbid – Mental Breakdown [EP]. Rec/Mix/Mastering by TenDJiz

Rabbid is a South Florida's rapper. He has shared the stage with such acts as Yelawolf, Machine Gun Kelly, Kottonmouth, and other. Rabbid releases his official EP “Mental Breakdown”. The album was recorded and mixed by TenDJiz at TenDJiz Miami Studio.

Rabbid "Go Get Killed" (Mixed by TenDJiz)

Pat K

Pat K – Ghost. Alive [Album]. Rec/Mix/Mastering by TenDJiz

Pat K is a Miami based Alternative Hip Hop act that consists of Patrick Koetzle, Miami, FL, on vocals and production. Bringing a unique style to the table, integrating various genres to make heart-felt songs that bring out an inner depth, Pat K is slowly taking emotions and experiences to make a new breed of Music.

Album “Ghost. Alive” was recorded/mixed/mastered by TenDJiz at TenDJiz Miami Studio.

Pat K "Stars" (Mixed by TenDJiz)