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TenDJiz Synth Souls

Synth Souls

Miami-based music producer TenDJiz presents album Synth Souls where he reworked classic Soul songs using vocoders and analog synthesizers, and blended them with Hip-Hop verses. In support of the album, he creates a Soviet Sci-Fi video mashup using cuts from old Soviet Sci-Fi movies and the songs from Synth Souls as a soundtrack.

1. Instant Funk ft. Childish Gambino - Rockin' 3005
2. Bunny Sigler ft. Chance The Rapper - By The Way You Juke
3. Diana Ross ft. J. Cole - Lights Hangover
4. Kelis ft. CL Smooth - Get Along With Love
5. Michael Jackson ft. Jurassic 5 - Freedom in Moscow
6. Amy Winehouse ft. Foxy Brown - Strongest Day
7. Marvin Gaye ft. Slum Village - Selfish Healing
8. Eddie Kendricks ft. MC Lyte - Keep On Truckin' On
9. The Temptations ft. Kanye West - Touch the Cloud 9
All tracks produced, mixed, mastered by TenDJiz.

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Synth Souls in Cent Magazine

"If you are a fan of Janelle Monae, you’ll find the back conceptual back story endearing and Daft Punk fanatics will also get a kick out of it’s other-worldly robotic nature. Interestingly, it’s hyper-autotune vocalization might be a social commentary in itself, poking fun of today’s blatantly fake production techniques. Thus provoking the possible realization that it’s actual conceptual setting is in the present day." Read more