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TenDJiz “2010GIZ” (New Miami Mixtape)

Posted by TenDJiz On October - 20 - 2011 9 Comments

When it comes to music from Miami, all of the big names are Rick Ross, Pitbull, Flo Rida. But there is much more to the South Florida scene than the trap-rap bangers or dance hip-hop. This days, there have been a lot of new artists, that represent “The New Miami movement”. The sound those musicians provide to the people is different from Miami mainsteam hip-hop. They are known for their smooth stylings and soulful beats.

TenDJiz “2010GIZ” (New Miami Mixtape) is a 20-track album recorded and mixed by TenDJiz (Miami-based producer/sound engineer) during 2010-11. Tracklisting consists of the artists who represent the New Miami Movement.


1. YNG ft. Quest – Miami (Prod. TenDJiz)
2. Ransom Note ft. Phresh James – Boom Bap
3. Streets Buchanon – Movie (Prod. TenDJiz)
4. Abstract – This Is The Life
5. Vurn – Higher
6. J.Nics – Clockin Lotsa Dollars Rmx (Prod. TenDJiz)
7. Ron Slyda – I Should Be Happy
8. Vurn, Dub R, YNG, Infamous JD, B.Way – Smoking Section (Prod. Hooch of Tengiz Rec)
9. Phresh James – U.L.P.
10. Shanetane ft. Tariq – Hey Mama (Prod. Hooch Of Tengiz Rec)
11. Mujikwa – Everything (Prod. TenDJiz)
12. MRoddz – Lover’s Philosophy
13. Rom – Close Your Eyes
14. Fatigue – Be With You
15. Mista S.M.E. – Just Jumped Out Rmx (Prod. TenDJiz)
16. Shanetane – Feel Good Music
17. Tony Rose – Hennessy
18. P.O.L.O – World In My Hands
19. Dolo – No Turbulence
20. Kuumba – Bohemian Bitch (Prod. TenDJiz)

All tracks recorded/mixed/mastered by TenDJiz at TenDJiz Miami Studio.

TenDJiz “2010GIZ” (New Miami Mixtape) by DeLaSoulviet


Contact: tendjiz@gmail.com
Twitter: @tengiz305

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9 Responses so far.

  1. TenDJiz says:

    “First thing that comes to mind when you think of Miami music is probably, reggaeton, Rick Ross, Trick Daddy, Pitbull and Flo Rida. Don’t lie, it is. Well, have no fear of being mundane and cliché because TenDJiz, aka 2010Giz, has provided the B-Hive with an introduction to real Hip-Hop in Miami. Featuring QuESt, Phresh James, Vurn, YNG and more, the New Miami Mixtape is definitely worth the download. So place the cursor over the jump below and click it to get the download link and the tracklisting.”

  2. TenDJiz says:

    “I get giddy when I come across awesome Miamians doing awesome Miami-things. Makes me want to keep fighting for my city and my ideas.”

  3. TenDJiz says:

    “I always like to hear music from my home town, and I just got a submission from TenDjiz. So you already know I gave it a listen, and I gotta say it didn’t disappoint! The crazy thing is I’m out of town now but while I was listening to the tracks I could definitely hear that Miami sound. Give it a listen and tell me you don’t think the same thing!”

  4. TenDJiz says:

    “Quand on pense au rap en provenance de Miami quelques noms viennent en tête, Rick Ross bien entendu, mais aussi Pitbull ou Flo Rida… Heureusement, le sud de la Floride ne compte pas que des rappers qui font de la dance (on ne parle pas de Rick Ross), et pour nous le prouver le producteur TenDJiz a réuni une vingtaine de mcs de sa ville dans cette mixtape. Et comme vous pourrez le constater, on est à des années-lumière de ce que fait un Pitbull, ouf !” via reprezent.ch (Switzerland)

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