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March - 8 - 2016

Onsmash.com: “If you’ve been following the site, then the name Rah Money Ramon should seem familiar. The up and coming Miami rapper has been putting in some work behind the booth to bring some reality raps to the music game over the last few months – that continues here with two new music visuals. With  [ Read More ]

October - 15 - 2014

Rapper Big Pooh and Sha Stimuli linked up to create a song for the soundtrack for the DEMOS Documentary that also features artists such as Skyzoo, Torae, Supastition and Planet Asia, Wax and many others. DEMOS aims to inspire and educate aspiring Hip-Hop artists with the experiences, advice and proven techniques recounted by an elite  [ Read More ]

September - 29 - 2014

Here are 2 tracks I mixed for ONYX and russian rappers back in 2009.

September - 15 - 2014

After releasing solid Hip-Hop albums two years in a row with 2012’s Blood and 2013’s Reflectionz, SciFi Stu is ready to kick in the door for 2014. Teaming up with HiPNOTT Records, the Scottish producer is gearing up to release his magnum opus Thru Life, set for release later this year. The album’s first single  [ Read More ]

September - 12 - 2014

Moving On’, the latest visual from Ron Slyda’s critically acclaimed LP, ‘Blue Summer: Recollections of a Poetic Drunk’. In this Young Wild Panda directed clip, Ron Slyda shares a glimpse of his real life as a father coming up in the rap game. Ron is currently working on his next project titled, ‘Ruthless’ set for  [ Read More ]

September - 10 - 2014

The sophomore project from Supa Rhines featuring tracks from hit-making staples The Track Burnaz as well as mixing and mastering from TenDJiz. “The Bottom Line” in America is in plain sight…open your eyes.

January - 6 - 2014

Rah Money Ramon released his free album “Y.N.D.I.”. The album was recorded, mixed and mastered by TenDJiz at TenDJiz Miami Studio. DIRECT DOWNLOAD

January - 1 - 2014

2-time Grammy winner hip-hop artist and actor Common posted “CommoNasm” on his twitter: “Me & @NaS on 10 songs! “CommoNasm” Shout out to @tengiz305 for hooking it up.” Also Common posted the album on his fan page on facebook. Earlier he said about CommoNasm: “I heard it’s fresh from reliable sources”

November - 28 - 2013

A Poet by definition is some one who writes with beauty and grace and Ron Slyda effortlessly spins tales of violence, promiscuity, intoxification, depression, lost, and love into poetic medlodic rap verses with lyrics that enetertain as well as intrigue. The Album “BLUE SUMMER: RECOLLECTIONS OF A POETIC DRUNK” was recorded, mixed and mastered by  [ Read More ]

November - 15 - 2013

Miami rap duo Childz Play releases a track called “PrettyBoi SkateBoy”. The song was recorded and mixed by TenDJiz at TenDJiz Miami Studio.

October - 26 - 2013

Luke Taleno is a 15 year old Miami rapper who is currently battling leukemia. His latest video tells the tale of the dangers and side effects of chemotherapy. The song was recorded and mixed by TenDJiz at TenDJiz Miami Studio.