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Soviet Funk Trailers on Passionweiss

Soviet Funk Trailers on Passionweiss

"There are those amongst us that would have you believe that our Russian brothers and sisters are our enemies, cold-hearted and evil, the antithesis of all that America represents. Russian-born, Miami-based DJ Soulviet (aka TenDJiz) is here to show just how much we actually have in common, via his YouTube opus, Soviet Funk Trailers." Read more

Soviet Funk Trailers on Calvert Journal

Soviet Funk Trailers in Calvert Journal

"Get your groove on with this funk mix of Soviet-era trailers. Miami-based DJ Soulviet (a.k.a. TenDJiz) brings you Soviet Funk Trailers, a video compilation of unreleased funk, soul and rare groove tracks from Soviet-era films.

Restored and edited by DJ Soulviet, the compilation features music from 23 films from 1973 – 1982. The film list includes When I Will Become a Giant (1979, dir. Inna Tumanyan), Vasile Brescanu's Favourite (1976) and Death Under Sail (1976, dir. Ada Neretniece)." Read more

L.A. Times

De La Soulviet in The Los Angeles Times

Rather than mix Da La’s classic a capellas with party rock, techno, or an overly familiar staple of the canon, TenDJiz pairs them with classic Soviet soul and jazz breaks and beats. Under no circumstances should this work as well as it does, but the blends are artfully done and the samples are tastefully chosen." Read more


CommoNasm on HipHopDX.com

HipHopDX called CommoNasm "flawless mashup" and 3 days in a row featured songs off the album: "Gladiator Made U Look", "Purple Sun God" and "One Mic"

HipHopDX.com is one of the longest running (since 1999) and most successful hip-hop websites. It has over 30,000,000 monthly visitors.


CommoNasm on Soulbounce.com

"TenDJiz's production, mixing and scratching is damn near flawless on each of the project's cuts, most notably on the tracks "Purple Sun God," "Gold Moment" and "One Mic". Read more

Soulbounce.com is a winner of the 2010 Soul Train Award


CommoNasm on 2dopeboyz.com

2dopeboyz about "CommoNasm": "It's f**king amazing!" Read more

2dopeboyz is a music blog with over 1,000,000 monthly visitors. The site has been included in The Source magazine's Digital Power 30 list (Top 30 hip-hop sites). VIBE Magazine called 2dopeboyz is one of top three Hip Hop blogs on the internet.


CommoNasm on Okayplayer.com

"Miami’s TenDJiz made a splash awhile back with his De La Soulviet mixtape... Now he’s revisiting the concept on CommoNasm featuring the works of Common and Nas once again with pre-Perestroika soul and Jazz tunes." Read more

Okayplayer was co-founded by The Roots' drummer Ahmir "Questlove" Thompson as a loose musical collective in 1987, and evolved into an online community in 1999. The site was nominated for the 2011 Soul Train Awards


CommoNasm in RESPECT Magazine

"It’s an incredibly ambitious and awing project. The introspective and pensive lyrics of Nas and Common blend perfectly with the subversive Soviet jazz..." Read more

RESPECT. Magazine is a New York-based, quarterly hip hop magazine founded in 2009. Its circulation is approximately 250,000 per issue.


CommoNasm on ARTium website

ARTium Recordings (artists: Common, Jhené Aiko, Elijah Blake, Vince Staples, Logic) is an American record label imprint, founded by No I.D.. In August 2011, it was announced No I.D. was appointed Executive Vice President of A&R for Def Jam Recordings. In addition, Def Jam has signed an exclusive joint venture label deal for No I.D.'s Artium Recordings.


Q-Tipokratiya on Egotripland.com

Egotripland about Q-Tipokratiya: "Pretty clever stuff. G.O.O.D. music video department better have its A-game ready." Read more

Ego Trip was a Hip-Hop magazine started in New York City in 1994. In 1998, the magazine voluntarily folded so that its editors could focus on projects of greater reach and scope. Today, Egotripland.com continues to develop entertaining, thought-provoking projects across all facets of media.


Q-Tipokratiya on Guardian Music

Guardian Music: "It works rather well". Read more

The Guardian (founded 1821) is a British national daily newspaper. Its online offering is the second most popular British newspaper website.


Q-Tipokratiya on Nodfactor.com (Review by Jerry L. Barrow)

"Well the timing of this one couldn’t have been better. Fresh off the announcement that Q-Tip is signing to G.O.O.D music, TenDJiz serves up another mash-up of vintage hip-hop with Soviet Soul and jazz." Read more

Jerry L. Barrow is the editor-in-chief of the hip hop music producer's bible "Scratch magazine".


Q-Tipokratiya on TheWellVersed.com

"There have been tons of mashup mixtapes and albums all over the blogosphere, but this one may take the cake... Why does this work so well?!" Read more

TheWellVesed.com has been included in The Source magazine's Digital Power 30 list (Top 30 hip-hop sites).

Cent Mag

TenDJiz's Synth Souls in Cent Magazine

"If you are a fan of Janelle Monae, you’ll find the back conceptual back story endearing and Daft Punk fanatics will also get a kick out of it’s other-worldly robotic nature. Interestingly, it’s hyper-autotune vocalization might be a social commentary in itself, poking fun of today’s blatantly fake production techniques. Thus provoking the possible realization that it’s actual conceptual setting is in the present day." Read more


TenDJiz "2010GIZ" (New Miami Mixtape) on Kevinnottingham.com

When it comes to music from Miami, all of the big names are Rick Ross, Pitbull, Flo Rida. But there is much more to the South Florida scene than the trap-rap bangers or dance hip-hop. This days, there have been a lot of new artists, that represent “The New Miami movement”. Read more

KevinNottingham.com was founded in 2007 by Hip Hop enthusiast Kevin Nottingham. The site is recipient of the Music Lover Blog of the Year Award from the 2008 SOHH Online Hip-Hop Awards.

Steadybloggin Miami

YNG – Miami f. QuESt (prod. TenDJiz) on Steadybloggin.com

YNG – Miami f. QuESt (prod. TenDJiz). Steadybloggin.com: "Some warm-weather rap from our inbox. Really like the production on this one." Read more


Smoking Section (rec/mixed by TenDJiz) on Ashleyoutrageous.com

"While at the TenDJiz recording studio here in Miami, local emcees Vurn, Dub R, YNG, the Infamous JD, and B.Way go in over this track recorded and mixed by Tengiz." Read more

Ashleyoutrageous.com has been included in The Source magazine's Digital Power 30 list (Top 30 hip-hop sites).


Streets Buchanon – All That (rec/mixed by TenDJiz) on ImFlashy.com

"Streets out of Ft.Lauderdale who is responsible for joints off Monsters Ink 2008, Exit Music 2010 and Frequent Flyer Miles 2010 lets us here two new leaks. All That recorded/mixed/mastered courtesy of the very talented engineer and producer TenDJiz." Read more

ImFlashy.com (IMFmag.com) is the part of The H360 Digital Network created by Harris Publications, publishers of XXL, RIDES, ANTENNA, and SLAM magazines.

DJ Booth on Commonasm

The DJ Booth about CommoNasm

DJBooth.net tweeted about the CommoNasm album: Follow my man @DeLaSoulviet and download his brilliant new project "CommoNasm"

The DJ Booth was founded in 2003. It features top new hip hop songs, music charts, mixtape downloads, album reviews, and videos from mainstream and underground hip hop artists. The site has over 1 million visitors per month.

TenDJiz at Miami New Times

TenDJiz Talks Soviet Jazz and Hip-Hop Mashup Album CommoNasm (Miami New Times)

"TenDJiz is the mastermind behind an awesome mixtape series that mashes Soviet jazz instrumentals with American hip-hop. The first two releases were De La Soulviet, and Q-Tipokratyia. Today, he releases CommoNasm." Read more

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