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DJ Soulviet

DJ Soulviet (a.k.a. TenDJiz) is a Russian-born, Miami-based DJ/Producer best known for his albums CommoNasm, De La Soulviet, and Q-Tipokratiya. Those albums were featured in major media outlets such as The Los Angeles Times, The Guardian Music, HipHopDX and supported by Common and other music industry influencers.

Press Quotes

Press quotes

"Blends are artfully done and the samples are tastefully chosen" (The Los Angeles Times)
"Pretty clever stuff" (Egotripland)
"Flawless mashup" (HipHopDX)
"Brilliant new project" (DJ Booth)
"Why does this work so well?!" (TheWellVersed)
"Awesome mixtape series" (Miami New Times)
"It's f**king amazing!" (2DopeBoyz)


Selected Discography

Soviet Soul Mix (2004)
De La Soulviet (2011)
Q-Tipokratiya (2012)
CommoNasm (2012)
Soviet Funk Trailers (2016)

Social Media

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Soviet Funk Trailers (2016)

Soviet Funk Trailers is a video compilation of unreleased Funk, Soul, and Rare-Groove music from Soviet movies, carefully restored, edited and mastered by Miami-based DJ Soulviet (a.k.a. TenDJiz).



"CommoNasm" (Common and Nas Meet Soviet Soul/Jazz) is an album created by blending the acapellas of Common and Nas with instrumentals based on Soviet soul and jazz samples.

Quotes: "Me & NAS on 10 songs! "CommoNasm" shoutout to TenDJiz for hooking it up." (Common on twitter). "TenDJiz's production, mixing and scratching is damn near flawless on each of the project's cuts." (Soulbounce.com, Soul Train Award 2010 Winner). "TenDJiz is the mastermind behind an awesome mixtape series that mashes Soviet jazz instrumentals with American hip-hop." (Miami New Times).



The title of the album is a portmanteau of the name Q-Tip and the greek word “Kratia” (“Power”). Q-Tipokratiya is the second album from The Soulviet Trilogy created by blending the acapellas of Q-Tip and instrumentals composed from Soviet Soul and Jazz samples.

Quotes: "It works rather well" (Chris Salmon, Guardian Music). "The Abstract Poetic getting the funky Cold War treatment." (Nodfactor.com). "Pretty clever stuff." (Egotripland.com).

Q-Tipokratiya video sampler

This video contains cuts from Soviet commercials: "Carat" mixer console (1988), "Sputnik 403" cassette recorder (1976), "Topaz" electro-bayan (197?); Soviet movies: "Moscow Doesn't Believe in Tears" (1979), "Courier" (1986), "Don't Be Sad" (1976), "Hat" (1981); music video "1nce Again" by A Tribe Called Quest (1996).


De La Soulviet

De La Soulviet is an album produced and mixed by TenDJiz (a.k.a. DJ Soulviet) in 2011. It uses acapellas of hip-hop trio De La Soul and couples it with instrumentals created from Soviet Union soul and jazz samples.

Quotes: "De La Soul + Soviet Jazz = TenDJiz's De La Soulviet Mashup Revolution" (Miami New Times), "The blends are artfully done and the samples are tastefully chosen" (Jeff Weiss, LA Times), "Once I heard the album, my neck muscles were probably strained from how much I was nodding my head in appreciation for the sound" (Melissa "Missy" Enaje, contributor for The Source Magazine)

Soviet Soul mix (2004)

An hour-long set of all-vinyl Soviet Funk & Soul tracks from DJ Soulviet recorded in 2004.