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Mixed by TenDJiz

TenDJiz owns a boutique recording studio in Miami Beach. He has over 15 years of experience in mixing and mastering, primarily in the Hip-Hop genre.

His credits include Onyx, Dave East, Kent Jones, Rapper Big Pooh, A$AP Ant, Skyzoo, Ron Slyda, Rah Money and more.

Contact for studiotime and mixing: tendjiz@gmail.com

Rah Money

Rah Money

Rah Money Ramon has been recording at TenDJiz Studio since 2012. In 2016 he was signed to Cool & Dre's Hybrid Music Group/Epidemic Music record label.

He has collaborations with Kent Jones (best known for a Billboard Hot single "Don't Mind"), A$AP Ant, and most recently with Grammy-nominated member of Fat Joe's crew, Terror Squad, Remy Ma. His verse for the song "Pockets" feat Remy Ma was recorded at TenDJiz Studio.

Bushy B

Bushy B

Bushy B recorded at TenDJiz Studio in 2015-2016. In 2016 he was signed to Ice Billion Berg's Live House record label.

The song “Eyes Watching” was recorded and mixed by TenDJiz and get about 100k plays on Soundcloud in 2016.

Ron Slyda – Blue Summer

Ron Slyda

Ron Slyda’s nostalgia-inducing and laid-back introspective rhyme style represents authentic life experiences in such notorious Miami neighborhoods as Overtown and Liberty City.

He has been recording at TenDJiz Studio since 2010. The Album “Blue Summer: Recollections of a Poetic Drunk” as well as the majority of his recent tracks were recorded, mixed and mastered by TenDJiz. In 2014 Ron Slyda was signed by Miami record label Valholla Entertainment.

Vurn - Elevation

Vurn – Elevation

djbooth.net about VURN: What you get from Vurn… is some tight lyricism. And both the exceptional production and wordplay carries throughout his entire project, Elevation. Sit back and enjoy Vurn, “straight cane no equal.”

“Elevation” was recorded, mixed, mastered by TenDJiz at TenDJiz Studio.

Dave East

Dave East - Take a Walk

Dave East is an American rapper from Harlem, New York. He gained attention in 2014 from his mixtape Black Rose. Since the release of his mixtape, East has been signed to rapper Nas' label Mass Appeal Records.

The song Dave East - Take a Walk was mixed by TenDJiz at TenDJiz Miami Studio.

The Executive Suite

The Executive Suite (Rapper Big Pooh, Rapsody & more)

The compilation project “The Executive Suite” is presented by Andreas Hale (the former editor of BET) on TheWellVersed.com in conjunction with DJBooth.net, and features the lyricism of Rapper Big Pooh, Chaundon, Donny Goines, Raven Sorvino, Rapsody and more.

Several songs from the album, including “Don't Say Goodbye” by Rapper Big Pooh feat. Donny Goines & Raven Sorvino, were mixed by TenDJiz. The whole album was mastered by TenDJiz.


DEMOS (Talib Kweli, Mac Miller & more) documentary film

DEMOS is a documentary that was created to educate and inspire the emerging hip-hop independent artist to accelerate their career.

Featuring interviews with Talib Kweli, Naughty By Nature, Pete Rock, Mac Miller, DEMOS will soon serve as the standard by which all How-To-Guide films should be measured.

The film and the soundtrack were mastered by TenDJiz at TenDJiz Studio.


2010GIZ - New Miami Mixtape (J.Nics, QuESt, Phresh James)

TenDJiz “2010GIZ” (New Miami Mixtape) is a 20-track album recorded and mixed by TenDJiz in 2010-2011. The project features the songs from Miami representers J.Nics, Phresh James, Vurn, Quest, and more.

The song "Miami" by YNG feat. Quest (prod. by TenDJiz) was premiered by tastemakers 2dopeboyz.com. "2010GIZ" was featured on many local and national media outlets such as kevinnottingham.com, rockthedub.com, iblog126.com and more.

YNG - NoSleepTillBoogie

YNG – No Sleep Till Boogie

15 track album No Sleep Till Boogie was presented by IMFmag.com (Harris Publications, publishers of XXL and SLAM magazines). The project features YNG, J.NiCS, QuESt, Phresh James, Shawn Chrystopher and more.

“NoSleepTillBoogie” was recorded, mixed, mastered by TenDJiz at TenDJiz Miami Studio.


Onyx - International Thug/Vodka Rap ft. MDU (Single)

Onyx is an American hardcore hip hop group from New York. In 1992 Onyx signed a recording contract with Def Jam and were promised an album which became 1993's Bacdafucup LP. The album met with great commercial success, including heavy airplay on radio and MTV for the single "Slam".

Onyx - International Thug/Vodka Rap ft. MDU (Single) was mixed by TenDJiz in 2009.



Ligalize is a Russian multi award winning and multi platinum selling rapper. He has been working within the Hip-Hop genre since early 90’s and remains one of the most relevant artist today.

TenDJiz recorded, mixed, and produced songs for several Ligalize’s projects in the early 2000’s at Moscow studio Mixmedia.

Federico Britos - Hip-Hop and Violines

Federico Britos is a 2-time Grammy award winning and 2-time Grammy-nominee violinist and composer who has written and recorded many works for orchestra, chamber ensemble, ballet and dance. He has composed music for film, TV and theater.

Federico was also Concertmaster of the Miami Symphony Orchestra for seven years and of the Ars Flores Orchestra.

The composition “Hip-Hop and Violines” was recorded and mixed by TenDJiz at TenDJiz Miami Studio.

Twitter shoutouts

@Common (Grammy and Oscar awards winning rapper) : Me & @NaS on 10 songs! "CommoNasm" S/O to @tengiz305 for hooking it up.

@DYNAS (Dynas, BBE Records): Recorded my 2nd song for the @nangstarr project "Ode to Bam" with the homie @tengiz305 coming out dope!

@anjulistars (Anjuli Stars, songwriter for Pitbull, Busta Rhymes): Ten!! great job today :)

@HUSTLENME (Kareem Fort, DEMOS director, Cypher Lounge Radio): Please hit up @tengiz305 for all of your mixing and mastering needs, he mastered the entire #Executivesuite album!

@VURN305 (Vurn, Miami rapper): Submitting the final audio proofs for the #Elevation hardcopies... @tengiz305 has everything sounding better than ever!

@RON_SLYDA (Ron Slyda, Miami rapper): Had a blast in the stu last night with ma main man @MrDdotFive and @tengiz305 blue summer is history in the making

@PhreshJames (Phresh James, Miami rapper): @tengiz305 let's work brother! Love the sound quality

@BWays_Goatee (B.Way, Miami rapper): @tengiz305 thank you ! that song sounds amazing !

@maddicmillion (Maddic Million, Miami rapper): RECORDING SESSION WIT THE BEST ENGINEER IN MIAMI @tengiz305

@TheBOOMANAUTS (The BOOMANAUTS, Miami producer): Finally finished recording #TEN. thanks to TenDJiz for the cleanest mix my ears have ever heard.

@Shanetane (Shanetane, Miami rapper): Just got a song back from the homie @tengiz305 and a single tear came outta my eye lol.

@ARTLOVETRAP (Markus Caesar, Vocalist/Bassist of the FREE DYSTOPIA band): Shoutout to my engineer @tengiz305.

@THEREALPOLO (Polo, Miami rapper): Shoutout to @tengiz305 for the dope mix! all my independent artist if u need that professional mixing make sure to follow him ya dig!

@TheFamousLex (Lex, music manager): shout out to @tengiz305. He made the last two songs super legit!

@TrippyLUNA (Alicia Maria, columnist, blogger): An Unorthodox Miami. TENDJIZ "New Miami Mixtape" is the new standard the new sound.

@HollyWoodMulah (Hollywood Money, Miami rapper): Big ups to @tengiz305! That boy mixed the hell out of this track #W2H is going down

@ItsTonyRose (Tony Rose, Miami rapper): @tengiz305 is the best engineer in Miami, the last mix he did for me was masterful... hit him up if you're in the city and need a studio

@FranzSolo (Franz Solo, Miami producer): @tengiz305 is a genius. after seeing him work in person I'm even more impressed. one of the best in the business hands down

@JNICS305 (J.Nics, Miami rapper): Studio session w/ @tengiz305 I got new music dropping next week as well.