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De La Soulviet on Roslynn Cobarrubias blog

Roslynn Cobarrubias is the Senior Director of Urban Marketing at MySpace Music and member of Billboard’s 2009 list of “30 Under 30″ in the music industry


De La Souvliet on Fleamarketfunk.com (Review by DJ Prestige)

"With so many blends going on, people are definitely stepping up the game with what they are putting an acapella over these days. Case in point: Miami producer TenDJiz has released this little gem to the masses."

Flea Market Funk is an all vinyl blog run by DJ Prestige focusing on Funk, Soul, Jazz and Reggae music based out of Brooklyn, NY.


De La Souvliet on Thehairpin.com (Review by Edith Zimmerman)

"For those of you holding your breath for a De La Soul / Soviet jazz mashup, breathe! It's De La Soulviet,.."

Edith Zimmerman is a writer at New York Magazine, Esquire, Boston Magazine, etc.


De La Soulviet on Nodfactor.com (Review by Jerry L. Barrow)

The Daisy Age Meets The Cold War On “De La Soulviet”: "...when I came across Miami producer TenDJiz “De La Soulviet” project the title alone had my attention."

Jerry L. Barrow is the editor-in-chief of the hip hop music producer's bible "Scratch magazine".

Ruby Hornet

De La Soulviet on Rubyhornet.com (Review by Alexander "RTC" Fruchter)

"De La Soul is one of my favorite groups. Ever. Miami based producer/engineer TenDJiz took a slew of De La acapellas, and relaid them over Soviet Union soul and jazz samples. The project includes remixes of "Ooh", "Jenifa Taught Me", "Stakes Is High" and more."


De La Soulviet in Rumba Magazine (Finland)

Rumba was established in 1983. Focusing on rock and pop music, it crystallises news and events of the music world all in one package. The quality publication with magazine style layout freshly reports on music news from home, presents new records and bands first in the country and introduces current music events around the world to Finnish consumers


De La Soulviet on Koff.net (Finland)

Koff is a brand name used by Sinebrychoff (founded in 1819) to market a range of lager type beers. Koff is one of the most sold beer brands in Finland.


De La Soulviet on Radio Nova website (France)

Radio Nova is a radio station broadcast from Paris, created in 1981. Its playlist is characterized by non-mainstream or underground artists of various music genres, such as electro, new wave, reggae, jazz, hip hop and world music.


De La Soulviet on Soul Shine Blog (Italy)

Volendo buttare giù un po’ di esempi siamo lieti di dare spazio ad alcuni progetti piuttosto recenti..alcuni di questi sono due degli album realizzati dal produttore statunitense Miami-based: TenDjiz .


De La Souvliet on Blockmuzikradio.com (Review by DJ Rhude)

DJ Rhude is a contributer for XXL Magazine (1999-2008), The Source and King Magazines.


De La Soulviet in Blurt Magazine

"Miami producer grafts rare soul and jazz samples onto classic DLS vocal tracks. The album opens up the classic De La Soul sound to a whole new realm of interpretation..."

Blurt is a music print Magazine and on-line outlet based in Carrboro, NC. The Magazine originally was known for over 10 years as "Harp Magazine" and considered one of the best music magazines of the decade in the early 2000's.


De La Soulviet on Creative Beach

DeVon Thompson: "This mix is great. There is a whole new sound to the songs we know and love because the mix sounds like it could be the original!"

DeVon Thompson has been writing online since 2008 and has written for Soulculture and Jenesis Magazine.


De La Soulviet on Grammy Award website


Q-Tipokratiya in The Find Magazine (Netherlands)

The Find Magazine is a global collective of music lovers dedicated to promoting the diffusion of hip hop with jazz, funk, soul, and related genres.

Ruby Hornet

Q-Tipokratiya on Rubyhornet.com

Alexander "RTC" Fruchter: "Miami’s TenDJiz won me over as a fan when he dropped the De La Soul meets Soviet Soul and Jazz project, De La Soulviet. Today he releases his second Soviet Soul meets American Hip Hop project in this new mix featuring Q-Tip vocals".


De La Soulviet in Peace Magazine (Canada)

Peace is Canada’s Street Style Magazine. Launched in 1992 as a 16-page newsprint music fanzine and evolving into Canada’s only national full-colour, glossy urban culture magazine in 2000, the formative years at Peace were filled with more exclusives, bombs and sneak peeks than most mags score in a lifetime.


Q-Tipokratiya on Yapparihiphop.com (Japan)

Yapparihiphop.com is a japanese website covering American hip-hop.


Q-Tipokratiya on Royal-flash.cz (Czech Republic)


Q-Tipokratiya in Acclaim Magazine (Australia)

Acclaim Magazine: "I often find it hard to heard people remix a classic, it’s hard for it not to sound strange on any other beat but the original, so hats off to TenDJiz for this one."

ACCLAIM Magazine focuses on creative culture in all its forms worldwide. Whether it's featuring the best-of-the-best in current art, design, style, music or skate culture, or uncovering some of the most exciting relative unknowns in the underground/DIY scenes, ACCLAIM Magazine has you covered.


Q-Tipokratiya in Birmingham Observer


Q-Tipokratiya is the Best Mixtape of the Week on Wavingautomaticgunsatnuns.com

"The previous project from TenDJiz sparke my interest, but this is in my opinion much more cohesive. On heavy rotation this week."


Q-Tipokratiya on LiveAGL.com

LiveAGL, which stands for Live A Good Life, is an entertainment online company that provides the latest on news, music , movies , fashion and overall media of the quality variety.


CommoNasm on Nodfactor (Review by Jerry L. Barrow)

"That “Shootouts/1999″ is like a prelude to what an album between these two [Common and Nas] should sound like."

Jerry L. Barrow is the editor-in-chief of the hip hop music producer's bible "Scratch magazine".


CommoNasm on Indecentxposure.com (Canada)

"TenDJiz (a.k.a. Tengiz) is incredible...The sound is a complete 180 from the electronic beats we’ve been hearing... on everything. His remixes add to the feel of the song, so instead of just a shot of adrenaline you get a whole lot of heart. It's refreshing, and you won't be able to stop bobbing your head to it. Not only have the tracks introduced me to Russian Jazz and Soul, they re-introduced me to Hip Hop and brought with it a wave of nostalgia."


CommoNasm on Whudat.de (Germany)

Whudat.de is one of the most popular lifestyle-blogs in Germany. it’s all about art + design, streetart, lifestyle, culture, photography, illustrations/installations, music and video-/podcasting.


CommoNasm on Spit-tv.de (Germany)

the message

CommoNasm on The Message magazine (Austria)

The Message is Austria's hip hop and rare groove Magazine. In addition to extensive interviews with international and local hip-hop acts are also the roots of hip-hop - like funk, soul and jazz - included to allow readers to offer the widest possible range of good music. .

Producers I Know

CommoNasm on Producersiknow.com

About CommoNasm: "I suggest you not sleep on TenDJiz’ “CommoNasm” blend/mash up/remix project anymore…"

Producers I Know is a link to the world of beatmakers / producers from all corners of the globe.

Fashion Nerrd

CommoNasm in Fashion Nerrd Magazine

"The fusion of Soviet samples from the Cold War era paired with modern American hip hop could be seen as a bridging of the gap between the two formerly antagonistic superpower nations who have struggled in the past with cultural differences."

Fashion Nerrd, Inc. was launched in January of 2008 as a media platform originally catering to the world of Fashionistas & SneakerHeads. Born out of the pure passion to share the creative projects of visionary nerds through proper limelighting, FN Magzine has created a unified outlet for all the latest and relevant news in the world of fashion.


CommoNasm on Zecatalist.com

About CommoNasm: "The result is a very interesting, very solid listen that should do well to get folks excited about next year’s nas.com record."

ZeCatalist.com is a Brooklyn/NYC -based music and film website owned and operated by Greg W. Locke and Ze Catalist Productions, LLC. Ze Catalist Productions, LLC is a media production company focused on film production, music and film writing and graphic design.


CommoNasm on LiveAGL.com

About CommoNasm: "The album is well done and surprisingly, the acapellas are synced well with the instrumentals."

LiveAGL, which stands for Live A Good Life, is an entertainment online company that provides the latest on news, music , movies , fashion and overall media of the quality variety.


CommoNasm on Artisticmanifesto.com

Artisticmanifesto.com: "Common and Nas meet Soviet soul jazz. My immediate reaction upon pressing play? I clearly need to hear more Soviet soul jazz."

About the site: "We provide hip-hop in its rarest form, unadulterated. Filtering the wackness, so you don't have to. Innovating, educating, inspiring."


CommoNasm on WheresMy40Acres.com

WheresMy40Acres.com: "...pretty dope 10 track FREEbe from TenDJiz — a very skilled producer and engineer. This seems to be the 3rd project released from the producer, and with cosigns from Common, Soulbounce.com, and features in RespectMag, the only thing left to validate the genius in this is what flavor of Hip-hop turns you on."

WheresMy40Acres.com is the podcast show that is built around broadly focused reflections on Hip-Hop-N-Life, infused with comedy, heated debates guest appearances from artists, comedians, twitter prodigies, and respected figures of the 40 Acres Community.


CommoNasm on 2wordsthetop.com

2wordsthetop.com: "This is probably one of the coolest projects you’ll ever see put together, and thankfully when you hit play the execution lives up to the level of the concept."

2dopeboyz Miami

YNG – Miami f. QuESt (prod. TenDJiz) on 2dopeboyz

YNG – Miami f. QuESt (prod. TenDJiz). 2dopeboyz.com: "YNG and QuESt link up for an ode to the city that the dopeboyz are invading next weekend. Get ready."

2dopeboyz is a music blog with over 1,000,000 monthly visitors. The site has been included in The Source magazine's Digital Power 30 list (Top 30 hip-hop sites). VIBE Magazine called 2dopeboyz is one of top three Hip Hop blogs on the internet.

Kevinnottingham Miami

YNG – Miami f. QuESt (prod. TenDJiz) on Kevinnottingham.com

YNG – Miami f. QuESt (prod. TenDJiz). Kevinnottingham.com: "Here’s a leak off YNG’s new project that he released the other day, NoSleepTillBoogie. ”Miami” has an assist from fellow Miami emcee QuESt, with production from TenDJiz."

KevinNottingham.com was founded in 2007 by Hip Hop enthusiast Kevin Nottingham. The site is recipient of the Music Lover Blog of the Year Award from the 2008 SOHH Online Hip-Hop Awards.

ImFlashy Miami

ImFlashy.com presents YNG "No Sleep Till Boogie" (Rec/Mix/Mastering by TenDJiz)

ImFlashy.com x NoSleepTillBoogie.com presents the anticipated YNG’s NoSleepTillBoogie 15 track mixtape which features J.NiCS, QuESt, Phresh James, Shawn Chrystopher and more. Design by Jahrue. Mixed/Mastered by TenDJiz at TenDJiz Miami Studio. Executive Producer Mark Maturah

ImFlashy.com (IMFmag.com) is the part of The H360 Digital Network created by Harris Publications, publishers of XXL, RIDES, ANTENNA, and SLAM magazines.


The Executive Suite (mix/mastered by TenDJiz) on Thewellversed.com (by Andreas Hale)

The compilation project “The Executive Suite” is presented by Andreas Hale (the former editor of BET) on TheWellVersed.com in conjunction with DJBooth.net, and features the lyricism of Rapper Big Pooh, Chaundon, Donny Goines, Raven Sorvino, Senor Kaos, 4-Ize, Hawdwerk, and Punchline and more.

For nearly a decade, Andreas Hale has been a culture, music and sports journalist. He has held positions as Managing Editor of HipHopSite.com, Editor-In-Chief of HipHopDX.com and Executive Editor of Music at BET.com.


TenDJiz "2010GIZ" (New Miami Mixtape) on Akidnamedb.com

"TenDJiz, aka 2010Giz, has provided the B-Hive with an introduction to real Hip-Hop in Miami..."


Vurn - Elevation (rec/mixed by TenDJiz) on Ashleyoutrageous.com

Here is the latest from Miami native, Vurn with his latest project entitled Elevation which is a prelude to his album Vacation Home. The project has a few features and features the track for his latest video, “Feel Alright”. Mixed/Mastered by TenDJiz.

Ashleyoutrageous.com has been included in The Source magazine's Digital Power 30 list (Top 30 hip-hop sites).

The M Report

TenDJiz's interview for The M Report (by Melissa "Missy" Enaje)

Melissa Enaje: "Once I heard the album, my neck muscles were probably strained from how much I was nodding my head in appreciation for the sound. It was def in tune with the essence of hip-hop..."

Melissa "Missy" Enaje is a writer/reporter/host, Contributor/Researcher: 29-95.com; The Source Magazine.

Miami New Times

TenDJiz's interview for Miami New Times (by Matt Preira)

"De La Soul + Soviet Jazz = TenDJiz's De La Soulviet Mashup Revolution.

The mashup is a decadent, triumphant symbol of the digital age's too-deep pool of influences. "


TenDJiz's interview for Slang Magazine (Colombia)

Slang Magazine: "Can you please tell us what “Soulviet” is?"

TenDJiz: "It’s a trilogy that consists of 3 albums created by blending hip-hop accapelas with instrumentals based on Soviet soul and jazz samples. The first albums were De La Soulviet and Q-Tipokratiya. Recently, I released my third project: CommoNasm (Common and Nas meet soviet soul/jazz)."

Slang is a Colombian digital magazine, that focuses on editorial content in music+art+fashion.