TenDJiz Music




Tengista (a.k.a. TenDJiz) is a Miami-based 130bpm Bass music producer supported by Flex FM, Sub FM, Empire LDN, and more.



Tengista (formerly known as Tengiz) was the first Russian-based DJ who started playing and producing 2-step and UKG music in Russia in the late 1990s.

His remix for MTV International Award winner Detsl was officially released by Pepsi in 2000.

Ptuch magazine, the leading youth culture publication in Russia, published an article about the biggest electronic music festival Eastern Strike (Восточный Удар) and stated: “Tengiz’s mix was the best on this Eastern Strike”.

After relocation to Miami, Florida he worked as a sound-engineer and producer primarily in the Hip-Hop genre.

In 2016 he returned to Bass music under the pseudonym of Tengista and started gaining support from Flex FM, Sub FM, Empire LDN, and more.