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The Miami native Vurn drops his official new mixtape “Elevation”. Kevinnottingham.com named “Elevation” one of The Best 20 Free Albums of The First Half of 2011

The mixtape was mixed and mastered at TenDJiz Miami Studio. Tracks: 1,2,4,6,8,10,13 were recorded at TenDJiz Miami Studio.
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  1. TenDJiz says:

    Listen to VURN’s new track ?Escargot? on DJBooth.net https://www.djbooth.net/index/tracks/review/vurn-escargot/ Rec/Mix by TenDJiz

  2. TenDJiz says:

    “Here is the latest from Miami native, Vurn with his latest project entitled Elevation which is a prelude to his album Vacation Home. The project has a few features and features the track for his latest video, ?Feel Alright?. Tracklisting and download link after the jump!” Mixed/Mastered by TenDJiz https://ashleyoutrageous.com/2011/05/vurn-elevation-mixtape/

  3. TenDJiz says:

    “With a couple of leaks and visuals we get the latest tape from the Miami native, titled ?Elevation?. I always like when an artist attempts to hold his own by not including too many features. Hit the jump for the tracklisting and download link. Mixed/Mastered by TenDJiz” https://imflashy.com/2011/05/25/vurn-elevation-mixtape/

  4. TenDJiz says:

    “Miami native VURN drops his official mixtape, Elevation, which is available via a free download from the link below or can be streamed via his website, https://itsvurn.com Mixed/Mastered by TenDJiz” https://feedoffrap.com/blog/2011/05/vurn-elevation-mixtape/

  5. TenDJiz says:

    “Seems like the best music… soulful, passionate, and clever; is coming from the hungry artist fishing for their opportunity to lock the perfect deal. Here we got a hold of Miami Native Vurn’s – Elevation Mixtape. The rook has some cold clever lyrics, great production, and a smoker’s favorite smooth ass beats! Check out the tape and support the artist by visiting his website https://mrvmusic.bandcamp.com/ …If you have a critical ear, you will be impressed! ” https://www.freetheflyrs.com/2011/05/vurn-elevation-mixtape.html

  6. TenDJiz says:

    “Miami native @VURN305 drops his official mixtape, Elevation” https://iblog126.com/vurn-elevation-mixtape/

  7. TenDJiz says:

    “We put up his video last week, and now here?s the download to VURN?s new mixtape. Something different from the norm that you usually hear from a Miami artist. Listen below?” https://the305.com/2011/05/26/mixtape-vurn-elevation/

  8. TenDJiz says:

    VURN is yet another recent discovery, this one with some help from Governed By Loyalty?s Kei. VURN?s a talented rhymer out of Miami and dropped this very dope project Elevation back in May. https://kevinnottingham.com/2011/06/20/vurn-elevation/

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